En våldsam kärlek – A violent Love

I’m honored to do the leading role in the tv-serie, ”En våldsam kärlek” (A violent love), broadcasting in SVT1 during September-November 2020.
It´s a serie about 4 women and their life stories and how they became victims of domestic violence.
Why the shame is so big and why they stayed so many years with their abuser. Based on true stories from 4 authentic victims.

This work was the most challenging and important work I’ve ever done as an actress. It was a real eyeopener of how big this problem is and why it´s so hard for these women to leave the abuser. In the preparation phase I didn’t get a script to work with instead I watched a long interview with the ”real” woman were she told her naked, brutal story for hours. I was shocked, I had nightmares, I was angry and sometimes I couldn’t breathe during the weeks I prepared myself watching the interview. So many as 1/4 women in Sweden at some time during their life live in violent relation!

With my understanding and knowledge after this intensive work and as a part of this society it´s essential for me to spread and talk about this big, widely spread problem.

We all have to contribute to a change.




Länk: En våldsam kärlek!